Every writer needs an ally, otherwise known as an editor.

I will give your project a careful reading and a meticulous edit. The manuscript I return to you will be free of errors, inconsistencies, awkwardness—and anything else a reader might trip on, or that could undermine the credibility of the work.

Your prose will be easily understood and well organized. And it will be your prose, in your voice and style. The finished product will be a positive reflection of you and your organization.

Please see the Contact page to send me a query about your editing needs. I look forward to hearing from you and hope your writing is going well.

Typos can be funny. Like this one, which appeared in a community newspaper article: “Harry A. Tuttle Jr. married Louise Gedney of the Pickle family in 1922.” Funny, yes. But when you’re not trying to make a joke, such an error is embarrassing, both for the writer and publication, and, in some cases, for the subject. Your writing ally will ensure that only your jokes get laughed at. 

A good editor

  • is your most attentive reader
  • respects and preserves your voice
  • keeps your audience in mind at all times

  • brings a well-stocked mind and trained eye to your work
  • listens both to you and to the cadence of your sentences
  • knows when to query a name or date or place
  • fixes anachronisms and other inadvertent errors
  • straightens out tangled logic
  • muscles up flabby sentences
  • detects clichés
  • calls out redundancies, discrepancies, ambiguities
  • meets your deadlines
  • adds value to your project

“In my experience, the more experienced and professional an author, the more grateful he or she is for good editing.”—Dinty W. Moore


Jeri is a top-notch editor. She always sharpens your writing and draws out the core ideas.  —Barbara Haselbeck, Editor, Professional Networking News, and Community Editor, Saint Paul Almanac